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Aug 13, 2017

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Ocean House Gallery & Frame

Ocean House Gallery & Frame, 299 Ocean House Road, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

Adriane Herman: Wreckage Salad

Adriane Herman’s series of monotypes entitled “Wreckage Salad” is collaboratively created, inspired by parti-colored piles of castoff wood, which physically dwarf, and aesthetically vie with, much contemporary art. Each print is a unique impression of an ephemeral arrangement of hand-colored shapes representing material found in the municipal woodpile in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, the artist’s home.

Testaments to tidal cycles of accumulation and release, these intimate yet anonymous heaps of barely controlled chaos materially manifest expansion, destruction, renovation, aspiration, failure, labor, entropy, and the inexorable march from birth to death, with (if we’re lucky) many trips to the dump or curb in between.