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May 20, 2017

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Daunis Fine Jewelry

Daunis Fine Jewelry, 616 Congress St., Portland, ME 04101

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“Africa/Maine:” Photographs by Deborah Keyes

through May 31. An inscription on the entrance gate to Serengeti National Park reads: “Welcome to the Serengeti where the world began.”

Photographer, Deborah Keyes photographs will take you to where the world began.

“Before my travels to Africa, I had thought about Africa and Maine as being two separate and radically different universes. But when I was laying images out from both places, I was amazed to see that the patterns/lines of animals/landscapes were remarkably similar. I had not been conscious of these overlaps before. It seems we indeed all connected.” remarks Deborah.

“In my study of photography, my teachers always talked about the “happy accident.” I was skeptical. Secretly, I believed that if I could just master camera settings and press the shutter release at the right time and place, I could make the perfect artful image. Ironically, what I have discovered is that the images I am most pleased with have often resulted from these so-called “accidents.” Either a piece of equipment malfunctions and the Super Moon now appears as a blur, or a group of giraffes get spooked by human presence and stampede across the road in perfect sequence, or the fog settles in a marsh so that the grasses recede to the horizon in parallel lines. Getting out of the way of the camera is the trick.”

About the Artist
A graduate of Colby College, Deborah Keyes studied photography at Maine College of Art in the division of Continuing Studies and at Maine Media Workshops.