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Sep 14, 2018

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Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education

Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education, 314 Forest Ave., Portland, ME 04101





Art of the Spheres: Picturing the Cosmos since 1600

March 29, 2018 to October 6, 2018

Art of the Spheres celebrates the manner in which astronomers have organized and comprehended the celestial vault, the planets, and the structure of the Cosmos. Every item in this exhibition was composed from multiple, detailed observations; all are works of both science and art.

Art of the Spheres brings together two kinds of astronomical artistry that combine multiple observations: (a) works of scientific investigation, specifically Trouvelot’s own remarkable chromo-lithographs; (b) works intended for popular and pedagogic instruction, which have always ranged from the strictly scientific to the strictly decorative.