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Jan 17, 2018

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    The Honey Exchange

    The Honey Exchange, 494 Stevens Ave., Portland, ME 04106




    (207) 773-9333

    Beekeeping Classes

    Beginner Beekeeping (Tuesday and Thursday nights/Saturday morning) is a five week course that takes absolute beginners from setting up a new hive, managing it throughout the season, getting ready for winter, and planning for the following spring. The class has a special focus on urban, suburban, and chemical-free beekeeping.

    Sophomore Beekeeping (Wednesday night) is a five week course intended for novice beekeepers with at least one season with a hive of their own. Expanding on the beginner’s curriculum, the focus of the course is to move toward a sustainable apairy with emphasis on swarm prevention, nucleus colony and honey production, and a closer look at disease control.