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Jan 13, 2018

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Springboard Pilates

Springboard Pilates, 143 Spring St., Portland, ME 04101





Core Connections: pelvic floor and pilates

Have you given birth or ever leaked any amount with a cough, laugh or sneeze? Did you know the pelvic floor is an essential muscle group for core strength or that women are more prone to pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) than men? This workshop will explain why women are more predisposed to PFD and teach the specific core muscle activation to help you start toning your pelvic floor and integrating it into core strengthening with Pilates based mat exercises.

$35 per person
Sign up on our website at (Go to our website, click on “Class Schedule” which is located under the “Classes” tab, and find the date of the workshop you’d like to take!), call (207) 939-1407 or email

Instructor: Lesley Hoey, Pelvic Floor PT (Bio

“Core Connections” workshops will be held on the following Saturdays:
November 4, 2017
January 13, 2017