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Feb 14, 2018

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    CIA Cafe

    CIA Cafe, 72 Ocean St., South Portland, ME





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    Discarded & Discovered

    Discarded & Discovered

    Show opens January 18 with an artist reception & book signing 5-7 pm
    72 Ocean Street So. Portland

    New exhibit at Cia Cafe features an
    illustrator and three photographers who
    focus on Maine and utilize their own individual process.

    Lewis Rossignol takes us for a unique journey in his new book “Discarded”
    Rossignol mixes up his evocative illustrations and nostalgic photographs
    Found throughout Maine image1.JPG
    Book cover “Discarded”
    Lewis Rossignol is an artist who lives in South Portland, Maine. His provocative mixed media drawings explore divergent themes with nostalgia and wit. He’s worked for clients including Current Affairs Magazine, Geary’s Brewing, Defender Razor, and Maine College of Art.
    Illustration by Lewis Rossignol

    Throughout forty years of creating photographic images, Katie Fagan has mostly used large format film cameras that produce fine detailed and sharp focused pictures. Recently, she put those cameras to the side, and has been experimenting with vintage box cameras that have plastic lenses, making detail and fine focus impossible. Exploring the visual world with the emphasis on light and place, but no certain detail, has been Katie’s goal. Seeing the world through a lense has always been her means of creating a personal diary, and changing how she Is recording light with a plastic lense brings her to a new place of exploration. For Katie the process of recording light on film and paper has never and will never lose its magic.
    Photo by Katie Fagan

    Jack Milton is a photographer who lives in South Portland, Maine. He was a photojournalist for 30 years, and now concentrates on the beauty of the Maine landscape. He’s happiest exploring an unfamiliar place with a camera in his hand.
    The 70-foot schooner “Alert” sails up Portland Harbor backlit by the evening sun. The Alert was one of five tall ships in the Portland, Maine, Schoonerfest and Regatta. Photo by Jack Milton

    Kaitlyn Thurlow grew up on a farm in upstate New York in a town where the cows outnumbered the people. It was that upbringing that instilled in Kaitlyn a love for the outdoors at a very young age. Kaitlyn studied at a college in the Adirondacks where she always looked forward to hiking and outdoor activities. Kaitlyn decided to study abroad which brought her to New Zealand. Kaitlyn has been traveling the world ever since and has been capturing all of the memories that life has to offer in Maine and around the world.
    Photo by Kaitlyn Thurlow
    Jewel Falls, Portland Trails, Portland, ME

    Exhibit Location : On exhibit at both locations

    Cia cafe
    72 Ocean Street
    So. Portland

    Cia cafe
    9 Beach Street
    Saco Me

    Exhibit Dates:
    January 18 through March 14

    Artist Reception & Book signing
    January 18 5-7 PM
    Cia cafe
    72 Ocean Street,
    So. Portland