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Jun 14, 2018

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    Face Value: Portraits in Tapestry by Barbara Burns

    Barbara Burns, the newest associate member of Markings Gallery, Bath, Maine presents her most recent work Face Value: Portraits in Tapestry. Ms. Burns explores her fascination of faces and her desire to portray people who are historically or personally compelling. Recently, she has been working from photographic images taken of burlesque, belly dancing and drag performers. The work explores the tensions, beauty and contradictions in these performance arts. She finds the dichotomy of the ancient medium of tapestry used as a manner to express contemporary subjects to be a powerful tool.
    An opening for the exhibit will take place Friday March 16th 5-7pm at Markings Gallery.

    More info : 207-443-1499
    March 16th thru June 30
    Winter schedule open Friday thru MOnday 10-5