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Jan 12, 2017

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  • 1/19/17 10am
  • 1/20/17 10am
  • 1/21/17 10am
  • 1/26/17 10am
  • 1/27/17 10am
  • 1/28/17 10am
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    Maine Media Gallery

    Maine Media Gallery, 18 Central St., Rockport, ME





    Gary Briechle Drawings and Photographs

    The exhibition will feature new photographic work and drawings by Gary Briechle. Briechle makes black-and-white photographs, often using a large format camera and wet plate collodion process. Turning to the family, friends, and moments closest to him for subject matter, Briechle does not shy away from dark or disconcerting imagery. Without judgment, he photographs the old and the young, the run-down and the beautiful, capturing an unfiltered and poignant reality. Of the medium, Briechle has said, “photography has the power to show the broken pieces, made whole again, for a moment.” Within the same subject matter, Gary also experiments with drawing. His drawings capture the same essence and spirit as his photography, creating a cohesive body of work that is interesting to any viewer.