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Jan 20, 2018

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Springvale Public Library

Springvale Public Library, 226 Main St., Springvale, ME




(207) 324-4624

Growing Up Franco-American (with no black patent-leather shoes)

Whether or not you’ve already read Lorraine Dutile Masure’s recently published book, “Growing Up Franco-American (with no black patent-leather shoes),” the Springvale Public Library staff invite you to her presentation about the how, why, when, and why she wrote it.

Acting as a cultural tourguide, Masure tells stories of what it was really like growing up with a rich Franco heritage across multiple venues of home, family, church, school, and other settings. As part of the book’s dedication, she cites her parents whom she names “fiddlers on the roof,” whose Old World traditions imbued their children’s lives with mission and harmony.

Seniors too will see themselves in her stories. And younger people will be amazed (that’s code for “wicked”) at how quaint life was not so long ago. Informative and, as the author reflects back through the rear-view mirror of her own life, some of it’s pretty funny too.