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May 26, 2018

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Koviashuvik Local Living School

71 Lake Drive Temple ME 04984





Hands on Homestead! Take part in subsistence arts and a tour of Koviashuvik Local Living School

Welcome families and friends to Koviashuvik! Come take part in the joys of a handmade life. Carve a quick stirring spoon with a draw-knife, grind some acorns into flour, or pound basket material from a brown ash log. In between activities check out neat ideas for living simply from the land. Duck into out our stone root cellar for storing vegetables, ice storage house that provides 3-season refrigeration, earth-bermed greenhouse that never freezes, log cabin home, and Cree-inspired earth lodge for apprentices. Visit the vegetable gardens, nut orchard, rainwater collection systems, solar dehydrator, solar hot water system, or outdoor kitchen with rocket stove. Lastly, don’t forget to say hi to the baby rabbits, the milking goats, and the ducklings. There is something for everyone.