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Jul 17, 2017

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Maine College of Art, Osher Hall

Maine College of Art, Osher Hall, 522 Congress St., Portland, ME 04101





MFA Lecture Series: Brandon Alvendia

Brandon Alvendia
Monday, July 17 at 5:30pm
Brandon Alvendia is a Chicago-based artist, curator, and educator. His interdisciplinary practice playfully engages spatial and social architectures to envision temporary utopias, regularly performing and exhibiting around North America in collaboration with various artist-run initiatives. He is the founder of multiple Chicago alternative spaces artLedge (2004-2007 w/ Caleb Lyons), BEN RUSSELL (2009-2011 w/Ben Russell), The Storefront (2010-2014), and art-publishing house Silver Galleon Press (2008-present). He was a recipient of the Propeller Fund in 2010, organized a three-act community-oriented experimental dramatic work, Chambre d’Amis, around the theme of place and memory for the Institute of American Art in Portland, ME in 2013, and continues to publish through Silver Galleon Press, which he expanded into a workshop to focus on its performative and communal aspects. As an artist-curator, his work supports the efforts of local and international artists by creating platforms for experimentation, discussion and collaboration. He is working on a nomadic research project ATLAS DRIFT, initiated through the Independent Curators International, based on artist-run culture with stops recently completed in Chicago (w/ threewalls) and Bergen, Norway (w/ Tag Team). Alvendia is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA ‘03) and University of Illinois at Chicago (MFA ‘07).

Image: Brandon Alvendia, The Great Good Place install shot, exhibit organized by Brandon (l-r The Franklin, Ron Ewert and friends, Trunk Show and Scott Wolniak, filmfront) — The Great Good Place, Neon, 2015