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Mar 16, 2019

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Southworth Planetarium, University of Southern Maine

Southworth Planetarium, University of Southern Maine, 96 Falmouth St., Portland, ME 04104


Admission by donation (suggested $5-7)



Night of Eire

Southworth Planetarium
University of Southern Maine campus

Saturday, March 16, 2019
7:00p.m. – 8:30p.m.

A new planetarium event that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day Eve. Ancient Irish constellation mythology; story telling and Irish stone circles.

While the upper world convulses with the tumult of St, Patrick’s Day revelers, the Southworth Planetarium will commemorate the holiday with a more celestial observance: an event that blends the ancient Irish elements of stones, stories and stars. This program represents an amalgam of stone circles; celestial mythology; and Irish legends. Our stone circle scholar, Lawrence Price, will guide you through some of Ireland’s most exquisitely beautiful and storied stone circles: such as Lough Crew, the witch’s hill and and the Hill of Tara, which has witnessed the coronations of 142 ancient Irish kings. Also, the colossal Newgrange will be envisioned, designed to capture the solstice sunrise and, astonishingly, the moon cycles.

Though the night of St. Patrick’s Day Eve promises to be furious and frenetic on Portland’s surface, we summon you down into the shadowy underworld to immerse yourself in the spirit and magic of ancient Ireland.

Admission by donation:
(suggested $5-7)