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Feb 13, 2018

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    SPACE Gallery

    SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland, ME 04101




    (207) 828-5600

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    Past Tense – A Group Show with Nicole Dyer, Jerrell Gibbs, and Rachel Hayden

    Past Tense is a group show curated by Dave Eassa featuring works by Baltimore-based painters Nicole Dyer, Jerrell Gibbs, and Rachel Hayden.

    The three artists deal with autobiographical narratives and mine memory, conversations, relationships, events, family artifacts, people, and places to build a visual language that works to analyze one’s self. Subleties within the days can become minutiae or larger critical junctures. Thoughts can get fleshed out immediately or sometimes saved for later. Making becomes an act of self-assessment, and a way of connecting to others through a storytelling. A look back is a move forward – in a way that feels like going around the same old track.