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Mar 21, 2019

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  • 6/6/19 12:15pm
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    First Parish Church, Portland

    First Parish Church, Portland, 425 Congress St., Portland, ME




    (207) 775-3356

    Portland Conservatory of Music Presents: The Noonday Concert Series

    The Noonday Concert Series provides free access to live performances by Maine’s most talented musicians throughout the academic year. The series has always been an integral part of the Conservatory’s mission to provide equal access to high quality music and highlight its talented faculty and students.

    Concerts start October 1st!
    Performances are held in downtown Portland on Thursdays from 12:15-12:50 pm at either
    First Parish Church on 1st Thursdays at 425 Congress Street or
    Portland Public Library (Lewis Gallery) on 3rd Thursdays at 5 Monument Square
    Bring a bag lunch to enjoy at the library concerts!

    2018 Noonday Concert Season Schedule

    October 4

    Portland Piano Trio
    (Annie Antonacos, piano; Ben Noyes, cello; Tracey Jasas-Hardel, violin)
    at First Parish Church

    October 18

    Ben Noyes, cello
    at Portland Public Library

    November 1

    Harold Stover, organ
    at First Parish Church

    November 15

    (Timothy Burris, lute & guitar; Raffael Scheck, cello)
    at Portland Public Library

    December 6

    Choral Art “Holiday Sing Along”
    at First Parish Church

    December 20

    Portland String Quartet
    (Dean Stein, violin; Ronald Lantz, violin; Julia Adams, viola; Andrew Mark, cello)
    at Portland Public Library

    2019 Noonday Concert Season Schedule

    January 17

    (Eric LaPerna, percussion; Maria Wagner, clarinet & nay;
    Nathan Kolosko, oud; Sarah Mueller, violin)
    at Portland Public Library

    February 7

    Luette Saul, voice; Tina Davis, piano
    at First Parish Church

    February 21

    Heidi Modr, violin; Lydia Forbes, violin; Myles Jordan, cello
    at Portland Public Library

    March 7

    Robert Gans, piano
    at First Parish Church

    March 21

    Robert Lehmann, violin; Kim Lehmann, viola; Alex Lehmann, flute
    at Portland Public Library

    April 4

    Titus Abbott, saxophone; Mike Effenberger, piano
    at First Parish Church

    April 18

    Don Pride, guitar
    at Portland Public Library

    May 2

    Eleanor Lehmann, violin; Angela Olszta, piano
    at First Parish Church

    May 16

    PCM Karger College Prep Students
    at First Parish Church

    June 6

    Morgan Flanigan, Ocy Downs piano competition winner
    at First Parish Church

    For more information visit or call us at (207) 775-3356