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Sep 29, 2018

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University of Maine at Farmington

University of Maine at Farmington, Academy Street, Farmington, ME

Re(en)vision Strategies: A Poetry Revision Workshop

The revered author Roald Dahl once said “Good writing is essentially rewriting.” Most everyone who has written a poem knows this to be true. This four-hour poetry workshop will consider exactly why this is so, and how to improve the process of rewriting poems with new strategies.

Before the workshop, participants will each submit a poem, as well as up to three questions they have about revising their own work in general (not specific to the poem they have submitted).

During the workshop, the class will examine a suite of revision strategies chosen by the instructor based on the participants’ submitted poems and concerns. The class will then turn toward discussion and workshopping of the participants’ poems with an eye toward possible approaches to revision at the level of language, line, stanza, and feeling.

To create a nurturing and productive workshop environment, techniques and etiquette for constructive critique and supportive feedback will be provided in advance.