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Jun 19, 2017

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Bull Feeney’s

Bull Feeney’s, 375 Fore St., Portland, ME 04101


$9 suggested donation


(207) 805-1062

Seanachie Nights-Irish Stories

Seanachie Nights, a monthly series of spoken word/musical performances from Celtic and British culture, presents Irish Storyteller Jim Hawkins with stories and songs from Ireland (with traditional musical help from the Seanachie Nights Regulars)

Irish storyteller Jim Hawkins will tell folktales, personal stories, and stories by Frank O’Connor (My First Confession) and Eamon Kelly (The Umbrella). Plus, tales of Jim’s childhood in Ireland, a Fionn MacCumhaill story (The White Doe), a story poking fun at the English attempt to force the English language on the children living in the Gaeltach, and more.
Jim Hawkins’ storytelling journey began in the ‘Midlands of Ireland’ (County Westmeath). As a child he saw the power of story to bring joy to people’s lives. As a member of the Irish Art Center in New York City, Jim was part of a production entitled ‘Siamsa’ (‘gathering’) – it told the history, struggles and triumphs of the Irish people through music, song, dance, poetry, and storytelling.
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Seanachie Nights is the creation of local (seanachie) storyteller, artist, concertina player, and playwright, Lynne Cullen. It began in May, 2006, when Lynne spoke to Bull Feeney’s Publican, Doug Fuss, about using the beautiful Yeats Room for a monthly evening of Irish storytelling. And here we still are! Join the fun.