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Jul 17, 2017

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Bull Feeney’s

Bull Feeney’s, 375 Fore St., Portland, ME 04101


$9 suggested donation


(207) 805-1062

Seanachie Nights-The Voyage of St Brendan

The Seanachie Nights Regulars tell
The Voyage of Saint Brendan and Other Tales of the Sea!

Storyteller Lynne Cullen will tell the fantastical story of Saint Brendan’s Voyage from Ireland to America. The earliest known version of The Voyage of Saint Brendan was recorded around AD 900. The Voyage includes narratives of natural phenomena and supernatural events and places, and contains many parallels and references to the Voyage of Bran, the Voyage of Máel Dúin, and even Homer’s Odyssey. A swashbuckling story of the sea! Kurt Kish will provide a haunting Irish music score on guitar.
Janet Lynch and Lynne Cullen will sing two offbeat ballads about the footloose saint. For the second half of the evening, Lynne will tell tales of the sea, including the story of how the old witch Betty Booker rode Skipper Perkins down to York! Plus, hornpipes on fiddle and concertina.
A great way to spend a midsummer night in the Old Port!
Seanachie Nights was created 11 years ago by Lynne Cullen, and is dedicated to traditional stories and music from Irish, British, and other cultures.