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Southworth Planetarium, University of Southern Maine

Southworth Planetarium, University of Southern Maine, 96 Falmouth St., Portland, ME 04104



Southworth Planetarium: Little Star That Could/Mars Quest!

Here at the Southworth Planetarium of the University of Southern Maine, we show educational programs for all ages and interest levels. Each show features a walk-through of our science exhibits that explore our amazing Planet and Solar System and a star tour of the night sky by an experienced astronomer, projected onto our dome.

On Thursday, July 12th, we Feature:

11:00am: The Little Star That Could. Join a fledgling star on his Journey through the solar system in a quest to find a planet of his very own to orbit in this adorable kid-friendly film.

01:00pm: Mars Quest. In August of 2018, Mars will be closer to Earth than it’s been since 2003! Learn more about the Red Planet in this fascinating show.

$5 for Children and Seniors, $5.50 for Adults.