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Mar 30, 2019

Venue info

Thompson's Point

4 Thompson's Point Rd. Suite 106 Portland, Maine 04102


Admissions: Adults - $10 Seniors (65+) - $8 Children (12 and younger) $5 Babies, Free in arms/strollers

The International Cryptozoology Museum at Thompson’s Point

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals. These are usually larger zoological species that, to date, remain unverified by science, such as Yetis, Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and Sea Serpents, as well as hundreds of other yet-to-be-found animals (cryptids) worldwide, but which compelling ethnoknown evidence has been collected for their possible existence. It also encompasses the study of animals of recent discovery, such as the coelacanth, okapi, megamouth shark, giant panda, and mountain gorilla.

Regular Hours:

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 11 am – 3:30 pm

Tuesday February 21, 2017 11 am – 3:30 pm (Closed all other Tuesdays)

Friday & Saturday, 11 am – 5:30 pm


Adults, $10, 13+

Seniors, $8, 65+

Children, $5, 12 & below

Babies, Free in arms/strollers

In 2014, the International Cryptozoology Museum was chosen by Time Magazine as one of the “Ten Weirdest Museums in the World.” In 2015, the Indian Times selected us as their #1 choice of “The Most Unusual Museums in the World You Will Want to Visit.” In 2016, we are featured in Outside Magazine, Mysteries at the Museum (x2), The Bangor Daily News, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Rolling Stone Magazine, CNN, The Bollard, and elsewhere. We have been on various radio news programs (WGAN, WPOR) regarding the giant snake cryptid sightings in Westbrook, Wessie. News of our 2017 exhibits has been in the Portland Press Herald and Boston Globe.