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Aug 10, 2018

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Theater at Monmouth

Theater at Monmouth, 796 Main St., Monmouth, ME


Single tickets for the family show are $15 for adults and $10 for children 18 and younger. Groups of 10 or more can enjoy TAM shows at up to a 22-percent discount



“The True Story of Little Red”

Theater at Monmouth’s 2018 Family Show is “The True Story of Little Red,” a new adaptation of the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale. The run starts on Saturday, June 30, at 1 p.m. and continues throughout the season including matinee performances on both weekdays and weekends. This modern-day twist on a century’s old classic, traditionally warning us not to trust strangers or to stay on the straight and narrow path, asks modern audiences to consider different points of view in an effort to avoid stereotypes and to better understand people different from ourselves.

We all know the story of Little Red, who set off through the woods to bring sick Grammy some bread. But what if Red wasn’t so sweet, and Grammy not helpless but strong, the Woodsman a bully, and the Wolf the top dog? So how do we know which version of the story is true? In the end we’ll leave that decision to you.

In the earliest European version of “Little Red Riding Hood” published by Charles Perrault (1697), the wolf devours granny and then dons her clothes and jumps into bed in time for the arrival of her granddaughter. The tension builds as Red ticks off a series of clues that should lead her to the conclusion that all is not well— “Granny, what big ears you have! What big teeth you have!” — realizing too late that this isn’t Granny at all and then the animal eats her up. In some happier versions a woodsman or lumberjack comes along and cuts open the wolf saving the girl and her grandmother who are miraculously still alive in the beast’s belly.

In Dawn McAndrews’ adaptation, the audience plays a huge role in determining whose story we get to hear and how different participants in the same event can see things very differently. “The True Story of Little Red” exposes new sides to all the classic characters and asks the audience to decide which point of view they want to see to end the play. Don’t worry, your wily Wolf and cunning Little Red are still out in full force for this production, you just might find yourself wanting to see how Ninja Grammy saves the day!

Director Tess Van Horn writes, “The exciting thing about this new version is how we are able to see the story from each character’s perspective. It breaks down some of the old-fashioned ideas of Red Riding Hood and the Grandmother being victims and instead gives each character a strong voice with independent thought.” “The True Story of Little Red” has a lot to offer young people an opportunity to consider different perspectives and the importance of listening to all parties and withholding our opinions until we have the full story. Come see Little Red get a little rowdy, the Woodsman take a walk on the dark side, the Wolf get bullied, and Granny kick-up a scheme or two.

“The True Story of Little Red” features Alexandra Curren as Red; Michael Dolan as Wolf; Kevin Aoussou Carr as Woodsman; and Maureen Butler as Granny. Set design by Katie Keaton, costume design by Elizabeth Rocha, lighting design by Emily Beggs, and sound design by Rew Tippin.

Tickets, Subscriptions, and Ways to Save
TAM Season Passes offer up to 25 percent off the single ticket price and exclusive benefits such as priority seating and free ticket exchanges. Gold, Flex, General, or Senior Passes are available for purchase, so whether you want a ticket for each show or five tickets to one show, there’s an option for you. Single tickets for the Family Show are $15 for adults and $10 for children 18 and younger. Groups of 10 or more can enjoy TAM shows at up to a 22 percent discount. Groups may also schedule pre or post show discussions with tours of historic Cumston Hall. Contact the Box Office for more information and to book your group’s event.

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