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Feb 13, 2018

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Daunis Fine Jewelry

Daunis Fine Jewelry, 616 Congress St., Portland, ME 04101



TRANSLUCENCE, photographs by John Ripton

Kennebunkport photographer, poet, essayist, and historian, John Ripton gains distortion of common subjects by photographing through rain and ice on windows in his “Translucence” series. This will open at Daunis Fine Jewelry Studio, January 5th for First Friday Art Walk and is located at 616 Congress St., Portland and run through February.
“Shooting on snowy days can also provide a mysterious or dramatic aspect to images. Other effects can be achieved by mist collecting on the lens or by breathing on the lens to obtain a foggy light. Again, I keep the essence of the original photographs. I may add some definition and light to enhance the watery effect.” explains Ripton.
“Recently I launched into photographing abstract “Color Fields” and images refracted through rain and ice. In the former images, I photograph objects that have colors that attract me. Some of these images are of household items, paint on walls, advertisements, textiles and paint I have applied to boards or canvases. I usually take out-of-focus close-ups of these surfaces and enhance the images on a computer program. I do not change the colors or shapes that are recorded; I simply add focus or light. The colors often bleed into each other giving many of the images romantic and painterly effects.” states John
John’s work has been exhibited in galleries in New York City, New Jersey and New England including Hunterdon Art Museum in NJ and his work was included in the New York Art Expo in NYC last year.
Daunis Fine Jewelry is a working studio and showroom showcasing the designs of the Award winning jewelry artists and metalsmiths Patricia Daunis-Dunning and William Dunning.