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  • Monday May 21 2018
    10:30am Food and Drink

    Portland Old Port Culinary Walking Tour @ Old Port

    Eat and drink like a local with us on a Maine Foodie Tour! The culinary culture of a town is so much more than just sit-down dining experiences. It’s the bakers, brewers, candy makers and other artisan food and beverage locales where creativity and taste meet. On our popular Culinary Walking Tour you’ll sample a […] View event

  • Lorraine

    Seanachie Nights-Celtic Tales with Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi @ Bull Feeney's

    Seanachie Nights – an evening of stories and music from the Celtic (and other) traditions – is pleased to feature Lorraine Hartin-Gelardi, telling “Into the Faery Realm: Tales of Mischief & Magic”, with music on fiddle and concertina from the regulars. Last year, Lorraine told “A Tree Grows in Clare”, the story of the time […] View event