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  • Wednesday April 25 2018

    Geometry of Oppression @ SPACE Gallery

    Sandra Erbacher’s most recent work explores the parallels between bureaucracy and fascism via the appropriation and juxtaposition of text and diagrams from office furniture archives, images, fascist architecture and fashion, and the history of Nazi Germany. Shared formal characteristics between juxtaposed sets of images are emphasized, in order to allude to detached efficiency, rational compartmentalization, […] View event

  • Thursday April 26 2018

    Hip Hop Heaven @ SPACE

    Building off December’s Disco Forever program, join us for a conversation exploring the historical elements of hip-hop, its socio-political vibes and discontents, along with trends in contemporary practice. Hip-Hop Heaven is in respect of the truths of black artists in response to police violence, gender violence, racism, American politics, religion, poverty and the hustle; as […] View event

  • Friday April 27 2018

    Paperbacks from Hell with Grady Hendrix & Screening of Re-Animator Remastered @ SPACE

    In the early Seventies, three books changed horror forever: ROSEMARY’S BABY, THE EXORCIST, and THE OTHER. The first horror novels to hit bestseller lists since 1940, they opened the floodgates for an avalanche of horror paperbacks to pour onto supermarket shelves throughout the Seventies and Eighties until SILENCE OF THE LAMBS slit the genre’s throat […] View event

  • Saturday April 28 2018
    8:00pm Community, Music

    OURBIGBAND with Ben Allison @ SPACE

    Hailing from the small stretch of coastline where New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts meet, OURBIGBAND seeks to keep alive the tradition of the big band jazz orchestra. Through collaboration with today’s finest jazz performers and composers, OURBIGBAND strives to bring new, creative, relevant music to the New England community and beyond. Having partnered with jazz […] View event

  • Saturday May 05 2018

    Earth and Space Day! @ L.C. Bates Museum

    Come learn about some of the techniques used by NASA scientists to explore and understand our universe, through a series of fun and informative hands-on activities, including: Stomp Rockets * Mars Rover Game * Discovering Distant Planets * Moon Craters * and much more! Plus, discover the construction and principles behind a working refractor telescope […] View event